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Meet the Chief Navigator, nick!

My name is Nick Rundo. I have a beautiful wife, two sons and a daughter. We are nestled in the quaint town of Burton, OH. I am also the founder and Chief Navigator of Northern Territory, LLC. I have been in the landscape industry since I was 13 years old and have acquired experience by persistently pursuing education in my field and good old fashion trial and error.

During my Journey in the landscape industry, I found myself needing a change of pace and tried some different ideas and then landed on selling campers! Crazy, I know, but sometimes in life you find yourself thinking you need a change just to find out that change wasn't what you needed at all, but more in need and hunger for a purpose.

Although I am an advocate camper, I learned quickly that the RV industry was not for me. But more importantly, through those experiences I found a new strength in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ during that time. He alone has shown me my purpose and who I am and who I desire to be continues to grow through Him.

With the support of Him and family and friends around me I found that I excelled best at focusing on one service than many. Outdoor Lighting is something I have always enjoyed and have been absolutely thrilled to put together a company driven by creativity, excitement, integrity, and a well-built reputable product, all while having authentic experiences with people.

I personally look forward to meeting you and exploring the options of bringing light to your home and landscape. Being outside in the presence of God’s creation, getting inspired by ideas of light together, and building authentic relationships with you is why life is good. :) See you soon!


“As for me and my house,
We shall serve
the Lord.”
Joshua 24:15

An outdoor lighting adventure awaits....


This is where the excitement begins and the spark of inspiration is ignited. Explore with us the many possibilities to lighting up your landscape and your homes architecture.


At this point we bring all your ideas and possibilities we discussed together and help you discover how we will bring all you’ve envisioned to life.


We’ve finally arrived at the point where we are ready to embark on the most exhilarating part of the adventure!

We proudly serve the Northern Territory of Ohio


Our Basecamp Coordinates

41.4706° N, 81.1451° W

Northern Territory
P.O. Box 82
Burton, OH 44021

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Here for all your outdoor lighting & Sound needs

This is when we explore together all the ideas of lighting up your Northern landscape and home.

Design and Installation

We present you with a detailed illustrated design with visuals and mapping to show you how we will bring the safety, security and beauty of light to your home and landscape.


Upgrades and Repairs

This is when our trained Trail Guides set up camp on your property, layout the design and begin installation.

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