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At Northern Territory, we immerse ourselves in the experience to give our customers,  who we call explorers an outdoor lighting adventure they will remember. With our 5 key trail points: Explore, Discover, Embark, Reveal, & Preserve, you can expect to trek closely with our specialized Trail Guide team to help you along each step of the way. Our job is to ensure the journey to lighting up your home is nothing short of amazing!


This is where the excitement begins and the spark of inspiration is ignited. EXPLORE with us the many possibilities to lighting up your landscape and your homes architecture. We look forward to discussing in detail your ideas, needs, dreams, and budget.


At this point we take all the possibilities and your ideas we‘ve discussed and help you DISCOVER how we will bring everything you’ve envisioned together. We present detailed, illustrated designs & visuals mapping out how we will bring your magical dream to life.


We’ve finally arrived at the point where we are ready to EMBARK on the most exhilarating part of the adventure! While maintaining respect, with light footprints on your property, our Northern Territory Field Rangers begin to set up camp on the landscape to initiate the installment process. Once installation is complete, we kindly ask our explorers to hold on! We want to saver the encounter you’ll experience next…


Ahh... the most breathtaking and long awaited encounter on this excursion, the REVEAL. This illuminating moment is scheduled on early mornings or late evenings to showcase your new lighting system for the first time. We like to think this experience is unique to Northern Territory, by allowing us to give proper attention to all aspects of your system and being able to make any necessary adjustments needed to ensure our explorers are pleased. Most importantly, we want to celebrate and saver this amazing accomplishment together!


With many things involving nature, preservation is key to long lasting enjoyment. We look forward to continuing our adventures and relationship through our maintenance programs to PRESERVE your system(s) before, during and after the harsh winter conditions that are all to familiar to the Northern Territory of Ohio.

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