A well lit home with outdoor lighting photographed from the end of the driveway.


Whether you’re in need of an outdoor lighting and/or sound design, an entire system installation, repairs, upgrades, and/or maintenance our MAP, EMBARK, REVIVE, & PRESERVE packages cover all of your landscape and architectural lighting needs.


Northern Territory Lighting & Sound System Design
Begin mapping your outdoor lighting adventure with a custom lighting design that will put the spotlight on your homes landscape & architecture.
Capture the essence of the northern night sky and bring adventure to your outdoor entertaining through innovative & creative lighting that will illuminate your home into a nighttime showpiece. Collaborate with our Navigators & Expeditioniers who spearhead our design team and explore specific styles, tastes, wants, and needs to create a custom designed lighting system that will map out a unique trail to making your home the ultimate midnight destination!


Northern Territory Lighting & Sound System Installation
With your custom designed trail map from our Expedition team in tow, you can begin to embark on a journey to bringing your outdoor lighting & sound adventure to life. Providing professional installation, our Trailblazers (Production Team) & Rangers (Field Team) will be leading the way to ensure the quality of products, respect of property, and that the overall backbone of your experience is nothing short of amazing.


Repair/Upgrade Existing Professional Lighting & Sound Systems
Not in need of a full lighting design or installation? No problem! You can still revive your sense of adventure by exploring our repair and upgrading services, that will tailor your outdoor lighting needs. Whether you have a few lights out or are in need of a whole system service, we will come out and guide you through the trek of diagnosis, repairs, and/or suggest upgrades if necessary to get your home back to being the center of attention!


Northern Territory Light & Sound Preservation Programs
Northern Territory wants to help you care for and preserve your investment(s) just like our nation cares for & preserves our national parks. We know that over time a good cleaning, minor adjustments, and just a good core system check will help ensure the longevity of your outdoor lighting and sound systems. We offer industry leading preservation programs to protect the integrity of your lighting & sound experience, so that your evening adventures live on long after we’re gone.

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